McEuen Park Transformed with Lighting from Luminis

Date: 27 April 2015 Category: Projects

The 20 acre McEuen Park was an underutilized city center green space. Now a transformed people-friendly hub that provides a respite from the hustle of the city, the park´s key spaces are illuminated with aesthetic LED lighting from Luminis.

Trindera Engineering partnered with Luminis, and created a lighting design to highlight the park´s amenities, as well as its walkways and the Avista Grand Plaza. Chosen for its impressive LED light fixtures, Luminis not only provided durable and sustainable luminaires, the company also supplied its aluminum lighting poles with powder-coated wood grain finish to match the surrounding landscape.

"We were inspired by full-cutoff LED lighting that would protect the dark sky and deliver adjustable lighting levels that would reduce light trespass into residential areas," explained Barbara Barker, Principal at Trindera. "Overall, we were interested in lighting areas that needed lighting."


Category: Projects