Luminis Releases Aramis AR150 High Power Cylindrical Pendant LED Luminaire

Date: 17 June 2014 Category: Products

Montreal, QC, June 17, 2014 - Luminis (, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification grade, interior and exterior lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, recreational and urban environments, today announced the expansion of its Aramis range. The new Aramis AR150 is a high power cylindrical pendant LED luminaire developed for interior applications such as shopping malls, retail stores, convention centers, sports centers, and transportation terminals. It combines a clean aesthetic design with a high light output.  

Small yet powerful, the Aramis AR150 delivers more than 13,500 lumens from a 6" diameter cylinder. A ventilated cast aluminum heat sink and separate driver chamber optimizes heat management and luminaire efficacy, resulting in a luminous efficacy of over 100 lm/W and a lifetime of 86,000 hours - 3 times the life of a conventional HID light source.

The Aramis AR150 also offers benefits in terms of cost and energy savings, representing a 55% energy reduction verses comparable 250W Pulse rated metal halide lamps. Its advanced LED light source achieves a high CRI (80 for the 4000K version).

Aramis AR150 optical performance was carefully designed to offer an outstanding batwing photometric curve, which favours uniformity and a maximum spacing ratio of 1.67.

Offered in a range of color temperatures from 3000K to 5000K, the Aramis AR150 is also available in a range of standard color finishes, with custom finishes available upon request.

The Aramis AR150 is designed to provide maximum mounting flexibility by offering wall mounted or pendant options for a single cylinder, while multiple cylinders can be mounted on a single stem with dual, triple and quad mount configurations delivering up to 54,000 lumens comparable to 1000W HID. There is also a 45° swivel to assist with installation on sloped ceilings.

Feature summary:

-        13,500 delivered lumens

-        6" diameter

-        Expandable modular concept for multiple luminaire mounting

-        4000K and 5000K standard color temperatures with 2700K, 3000K and 3500K options

-        86,000 hour lifetime

-        Spacing ratio of 1.67

-        Low brightness visual comfort with 45° cut-off

-        80 CRI (4000K version)

-        0-10V dimmable

-        Optional DMX dimming control down to 1%

-        Cast aluminum heat sink and separate driver chamber

-        Easy onsite LED replacement

-        Suspension mechanics with 45° swivel

Category: Products