Luminis Introduces Lumiquad Family of Bollards and Columns

Date: 13 June 2019 Category: Products

Montreal, QC, June 13, 2019 - Luminis (, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification grade, interior and exterior lighting solutions, today announced the release of its Lumiquad family. Lumiquad is a range of square-shaped bollards and columns designed to illuminate and accent exterior spaces such as pedestrian areas, commercial perimeters, parks and urban environments.

With six bollard and seven column types, specifiers are able to mix and match Lumiquad products to suit any exterior design challenge. Available in 4x4 inch or 6x6 inch square footprints, Lumiquad’s straight edges offer a crisp, geometric, contemporary aesthetic.

Lumiquad bollards are 42 inches in height with either a 12 inch acrylic diffuser, a 24 inch acrylic diffuser or no diffuser. Smaller footprint columns (4x4 inch) are available in heights ranging from 8 ft to 14 ft, with 24 inch or 48 inch diffusers, or no diffuser. And the larger 6x6 inch footprint is available in 8 ft to 20 ft heights with 24 inch, 48 inch or 72 inch diffusers or no diffuser. Versions without diffusers have zero uplight and are dark sky friendly.

Ranging from 800 to 4,200 lumens for the bollards and 1,100 to 15,800 lumens for the columns, Lumiquad products can be used for functional illumination purposes or as an aesthetic complement to an exterior space.

Built to withstand demanding exterior environments Lumiquad is robust and durable. All models are IP65 rated with a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

The family is available in a standard 4000K / 80 CRI, with 2700K, 3000K and 3500K options.  A decorative shroud and a block-out shield are also available options, and a decorative louver option is available on the no diffuser version 

Full details are available on the Luminis website at

Category: Products