Lighting the Legacy of the Florida Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Date: 9 July 2015 Category: Projects

In the shadow of the House Office Building in Tallahassee, Florida, the new Florida Fallen Firefighters Memorial honors 181 men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty since 1885. At its center, a stone podium awaits its pièce de resistance, a pair of bronze guardians to keep watch over two semicircular granite pedestals etched with the names of the fallen.

Tallahassee´s H2 Engineering, contracted to provide electrical expertise for the site, partnered with SESCO Lighting to source the perfect luminaires to enhance the monument. They chose Eclipse W140 Columns from Luminis. Featuring three fully-adjustable LED light projectors with 358° rotation and 90° vertical adjustment enclosed within a sealed UV-stabilized, clear acrylic high-impact cylinder, Eclipse W140 Columns are ideally suited for unique site lighting applications where enhancing public spaces is paramount.

"The lighting needed to be just right," said Mike O´Neil, electrical designer at H2 Engineering. "We were really impressed with the Luminis Eclipse Columns. The fixtures are both attractive and high-quality, and the photometrics were really excellent, coming in within a footcandle of what was promised."

Category: Projects