TORX TR2402 - Call for availability

  • Product Family TORX
  • Location Interior
  • Application Damp Location
  • Source CFL/HID
  • Mounting Type

Decorative & Functional

Decorative &  Functional

Torx TR2402 is a decorative and functional pendant luminaire based on a modular design concept. Torx is offered with an aluminum reflector, featuring a specular anodized internal multifaceted surface for efficient down light and distribution, with an etched anodized exterior surface. A set of a set of four decorative perforated arms are positioned along the reflector. A wide choice of optional attachments, lighting controls and accessories are available to personalize each luminaire to fit any design and lighting concept where functionality and visual lighting is a requirement.



Ideally suited for public areas with high visibility such as retail stores, cafeterias, offices and multi-purpose rooms where efficiency, reliability and aesthectics are paramount.

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