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Modular Design

Modular  Design

Prisma PR1695 is a 16" high power LED ceiling pendant luminaire with a high efficiency multifaceted anodized reflector. Prisma is part of the LED pendant collection available in four distinct groups of luminaries - Aramis, Prisma, Kronos and Torx. This extensive collection offers a wide range of choice in design and performance.


Just the right light

Just the   right light

Available in various intensities, Luminis LED pendants are offered in a range of wattages from 12W to 136W and delivering 1000 to over 13,000 lumens.

  • Standard 4000K color temperature. Other CCTs available from 3000K to 5000K
  • CRI of 80 (standard)
  • Optional 97 CRI for critical color rendering
  • Standard wide distribution for maximized spacing ratio and uniformity
  • Optional narrow beam for accent lighting

Efficient thermal design

Efficient  thermal design

Features an efficient heat dissipating design to ensure low and stable operating temperatures of the LED array. The ventilated design creates a cool operation and optimized light efficacy over the life of the product. 



Ideally suited for general illumination of offices, retail, schools and multi-purpose rooms where efficiency, reliability and aesthetics are paramount.

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