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  • Product Family MAYA
  • Location Exterior
  • Application Wet location
  • Source LED
  • Mounting Type

Driven by Design & Aesthetics

Our primary focus is to design innovative, reliable and aesthetically pleasing luminaires.

MayaLED, our newest exterior luminaire is a perfect example of our dedication to develop design-conscious luminaires. MayaLED skilfully blends aesthetics, optical performance and energy efficiency into a sleek design, making it a reliable solution for over 80,000 hours.

Advanced LED Technology

MayaLED system takes into account all factors surrounding the LED platform and incorporates an additional electronic control, which actively monitors the LEDs. This innovative solution allows the LED to deliver consistent lighting performance.

The monitoring system will detect variations of the LED temperature and will maintain a stable light output.

Light Where You Need It

MayaLEDs incredible performance makes it ideal for various site lighting applications where uniformity and intensity are required. Its superior light control allows for optimal pole spacing of up to 5 times its mounting height and achieves uniformity and intensity as required by IESNA standards. This level of optical performance provides security on the road by not hindering the vision of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.


Ideally suited for site and area lighting applications such as parks, campuses, urban and commercial developments.

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