ECLIPSE MAXI W614LS - Call for availability

  • Product Family ECLIPSE MAXI
  • Location Exterior
  • Application Wet location
  • Source CFL/HID
  • Mounting Type

Driven by Design & Aesthetics

Our primary focus to design innovative, reliable and aesthetically pleasing luminaires.

Eclipse offers a total lighting solution with an extensive collection of post top luminaires, wall mounts, pendants and bollards all in a classic design that perform and achieve any lighting requirement.

Ease of Maintenance

Eclipse features a unique tool-less swing out shade assembly, allowing quick access to luminaire maintenance, leaving a clean optical chamber to ensure a high lumen performance. 

LED Performance

Designed as an LED luminaire with a life expectancy of over 51,000 hours, W600LS is available in various intensities and delivers over 4000 lumens.    


Ideally suited for open pedestrian landscapes, cityscapes, commercial perimeters and parks.

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