Luminis Lighting Reinforces Visual Interest at Tech Giant’s Canadian Headquarters

In order to light the Canadian headquarters of one of the world’s leading computer technology and software manufacturers, lighting design firm, HLB Lighting had a lot to consider in terms of design and function when it came to meeting their client’s needs.

Located in Vancouver, this confidential client’s headquarters houses an open plan office punctuated by a number of meeting rooms separating each team area. Divided into two floors, the overall layout takes its inspiration from the idea of a tree, where the lower level represents the roots, and the top floor the tree’s canopy. Architecturally, the two levels feature design elements like dropped wooden ceiling slats to create the canopy, as well as wooden columns and elements suspended from the ceiling on the lower level to simulate the tree’s roots.

It was important to the client and to the architect that the lighting highlight this tree concept and help create visual interest, all the while staying within a limited budget. All lighting had to serve several functions within the open office space to light areas for circulation, team meetings and computer-based tasks, as well as meet the client’s strict light level and energy requirements and offer seamless daytime dimming.

To reinforce the carefully created tree concept, HLB Lighting’s design intent was to create a sense of the sky above through a soft, indirect layer of light filtered through wooden slats on the upper level to remind us of dappled light through a tree. On the lower floor, even illumination inside wooden hexagonal shapes resembles streaks of light over the ground. The firm collaborated with lighting manufacturer, Luminis to provide Syrios SY606 and SY605 luminaires, as well as the company’s Aramis AR140 luminaires to meet their specifications.

“Luminis manufactures a standard product that can deliver direct and indirect lighting as part of one single cylinder which was critical in achieving the tight budget and meeting both the light level and energy requirements,” said Maria Dautant, designer at HLB Lighting. “No other manufacturer that we researched was able to match this.”

Within the open office area and in meeting spaces, 450 Syrios SY606 cylinders feature a unique integral adjustable lamp module to enable precise directional aiming of the light beam. The resulting indirect lighting creates a soft layer of light to enlarge the space and keep visual interest on the shapes, patterns and forms created by the different architectural elements. The SY606 cylinders are also used inside hexagonal blocks to simulate streaks of light over roots, creating even, luminous elements within the lounge area.

In the reception area, 168 Syrios SY605 pendants offer precise down lighting. Their fixtures are painted black to match the ceiling, which allow them to disappear into the background while properly lighting the area below.

Finally, the award-winning Aramis AR140 is a ceiling pendant with a translucent acrylic diffuser. 24 AR140 luminaires are used for general illumination in the multipurpose room and are integrated into the audiovisual control system to provide users with full lighting flexibility.

Of particular importance, the Aramis and Syrios luminaires minimize the lighting footprint thanks to their raw, yet sophisticated aesthetics that integrate seamlessly within the surrounding décor.

“The illumination provided by the Luminis products is very even and comfortable to the eye,” said Dautant. “The products are successful in achieving the root and tree concept by providing soft layers of indirect lighting as well as quality downlighting that is aesthetically pleasing and useful to all the users of the space. The end customer is very satisfied with the result.”


Lighting Design: HLB Lighting, New York
 Clive Wilkinson Architects, Los Angeles 
Photographer: Ema Peters
Luminis Agents: SDA Lighting, New York & CD/M2 Lightworks, Vancouver


  • Location
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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