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MayaLED - Built For Performance

Designed to last over 80,000 hours, MayaLED skillfully blends aesthetics, optical performance and energy efficiency into a sleek design able to deliver the full potential of LEDs. Inspired by the miniature nature of solid-state lighting, MayaLED offers significant advantages in energy saving, lighting efficiency and visual comfort by incorporating advanced features in active thermal management and optical design. It is ideally suited for site and area lighting applications such as parks, campuses, urban and commercial developments.

Optical Performance

MayaLED is a true performer, with engineered optical design offering a choice of four IESNA distribution types to deliver outstanding lighting results.

With a BUG rating as low as B1-U1-G1, light output is focused exactly on the areas to be lit and not wasted on undesired directions.

In addition, a clear tempered glass encloses the individual LED lenses and protects their optical characteristics against environmental degradation.

Thermal Performance

Luminis approach to LED thermal management differentiates itself from conventional solutions. Lighting performance of LEDs is influenced, amongst others, by two significant factors:

  • Drive current
  • Junction temperature of the LED

In conventional passive thermal systems, LED heat dissipation relies only on the heat sink to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs. Consequently, the lighting performance depends greatly on one transmitting factor, the heat sink, regardless of the variable environmental conditions it operates under (ie: ambient temperature). Therefore, LEDs will perform better in cold ambient temperatures and worst in warm environments, resulting in a variable and uncontrolled lighting performance.

MayaLED system takes into account all factors surrounding the LED platform and incorporates an additional electronic control, which actively monitors the LEDs. This innovative solution allows the LED to deliver consistent lighting performance.

The monitoring system will detect variations of the LED temperature and will maintain a stable light output. MayaLED will offer energy savings in colder months and marginally higher energy consumption in ambient temperatures greater than 25°C (77°F) while keeping consistent lumen output.

Additionally, MayaLED active monitoring can protect the system in extremely hot ambient temperatures. If the system detects temperatures greater than 45°C (113°F), the LEDs will slightly dim to preserve its life and avoid LED degradation.

Light Where You Need It

MayaLED's incredible performance makes it ideal for various site lighting applications where uniformity and intensity are required. Its superior light control allows for optimal pole spacing up to 5 times its mounting height and achieves uniformity and intensity as required by IESNA standards. This level of optical performance provides security on the road by not hindering the vision of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.



  • Composed of corrosion resistant 356 aluminum alloy with a copper (CU) content of 0.1%.
  • LED PC board is assembled on a thick pad-housing chamber designed with a heat sink pattern to optimize heat dissipation and luminaire efficacy.
  • LED PC board and optical lenses are protected from weather abrasion with a clear tempered glass to ensure optimal lighting performance.
  • LED PC board is removable and replaceable for ease of maintenance oe lighting upgrade.


  • LED power supply is 120/277V multi volt, or 347-480V (50-60HZ) with a minimum operating temperature of -40°C/-40°F.
  • Type II-III-IV or VS light distribution with high performance optical lenses. Standard 4000°K LED.


MayaLED is available in a wide variety of polyester powder-coated finishes. A five-stage preparation process including preheating of cast aluminum parts for air extraction and an environmentally-friendly alloy sealant provides a quality finish to match the life of the LED. Polyester powder coating is applied through an electrostatic process and oven cured for long-term durability against harsh weather conditions.