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Syrios LED - Complete Family For Various Applications

Syios LED family round

Available in wall (down light or up/down light), pendant or surface ceiling mounting configurations, Syrios provides the flexibility to mix and match products in an architectural setting while maintaining a common design integrity.

Scaled To Fit Anywhere

Syrios LED is a complete family of high performance luminaries for interior and exterior applications. With a timeless cylindrical design available in 3", 6" and 8" diameter, the Syrios family blends with the traditional or contemporary architecture of schools, public spaces, office buildings, shopping centres and hospitals.

Syrios scaled to fit

Aim Your Beam

The 6" and 8" versions feature a unique integral adjustable lamp module, which enables precise directional aiming of the light beam without disturbing the position of the luminaire. This unique function is ideal to precisely highlight building features such as overhang canopies, accentuate wall textures or push light away from the building to light a pathway.

Syrios aim your beam

New Level Of Adjustability

An optional 360 degree adjustable rotation is available on the following Syrios models: SY600, SY602, SY610, SY800, SY802 and SY810.

The new A360 feature allows fully adjustable 360 degree rotation for maximum flexibility and precise directional aiming of the light beam, without disturbing the position of the luminaire.

A360 option pic

Performance You Can Count On

Designed for performance, reliability and durability, Syrios delivers up to 10,000 delivered lumens (8" version up/down) and has a L70 lifetime of 72,000 hours. The Syrios housing is made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and features an integral LED sealed light module designed for optimal heat dissipation and lighting performance. Top cast ventilation slots allow for air circulation and cooling of the assembly.

Syrios family is available in various beam angles from 20 to 60 degrees as well as linear spread lenses to create asymmetric distribution.

Each of the Syrios luminaries offer high quality light with 80 CRI (90 CRI for 3000K), and 3000K, 35000K and 4000K temperature options.

They are full dimple (0-10V) and RGBW versions with DMX control are available.

Syrios LED closeup


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